The Confluent des Savoirs aims to share the knowledge and insights generated by the university's seven faculties. Whether you're a teacher, student, parent or simply curious, the Confluent des Savoirs invites you to explore the world of research.

What is the Confluent des Savoirs?

Le Confluent des Savoirs (CDS) is the research outreach and dissemination service of the University of Namur.

Its role is multifaceted:

Accessibility for all: The CDS strives to make science and technology accessible to a wide audience. It organizes popularization activities, conferences, workshops and free events to raise awareness of scientific issues among young people and adults.

Support for research:As part of the communication administration, the CDS disseminates and popularizes research projects carried out within the university. It supports and trains researchers in the popularization of their research and thus plays an essential role in disseminating scientific results to society.

Expertise in scientific mediation: Le Confluent des Savoirs brings its expertise in scientific mediation to cultural and associative players. It collaborates with other institutions and organizations to promote scientific culture.

Classe Printemps des Sciences

Le Printemps des Sciences

One of the Confluent des Savoirs' flagship events is Printemps des Sciences. This not-to-be-missed festival takes place every year for one week. On the program: free scientific, technological and STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) culture activities for all ages. A unique opportunity to discover the latest scientific advances and immerse yourself in the world of research.



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Many videos are available on the YouTube page of the Confluent des Savoirs.

Educational tools

Via the inter-university project "Sciences à emporter" the CDS offers you educational tools to borrow in connection with science (biology, chemistry, physics), mathematics, geography, early-learning and computing courses.

You'll find kits for setting up laboratories with your students, books, games, equipment, ...

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Le Confluent des Savoirs is part of the network, which links the five science and technology dissemination units of the universities of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Together, they work to disseminate STEM culture and raise awareness of science. The other members of are ScienceInfuse (UCLouvain), Inforsciences (ULB), Réjouisciences (ULiège) and the MUMONS (UMONS).


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